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Radiator Flush


Car running hot?

Your cooloing system may be due for a flush. It’s probably a sight you see frequently — a car off to the side of the road with smoke coming from its hood.

The cause: An overheated engine.
Overheated engines are most often caused because of an issue with your car’s engine coolant, whose job is circulate through the engine and radiator to keep them cool in the summer. Antifreeze coolant passes through the engine block to absorb and transfer heat.


Signs or Symptoms Your Vehicle Needs an Antifreeze/Coolant Flush:
  • 1. Temperature gauge fluctuates between normal and hot
  • 2. Antifreeze/coolant pooling under the vehicle
  • 3. Grinding sounds coming from the engine area
  • 4. Visible rust and/or scaling in the antifreeze/coolant
  • 5. Steam and/or hot maple syrup-like smell coming from under the hood



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