179 E Main, Duchesne, UT(435) 738-8473

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Price List

  Labor @ $80.00 hr Parts Total
Alignment   call  
Tune-Up   call  
Engine Scan   call  
Radiator Flush   call  
Transmission Flush   call  
Tire Rotation   call  
Ball Joints   call  
A/C Recharge   call  
Replace Brakes   call  

Most Popular

Front end Alignment
When your tire alignment is off, your ability to drive safely is compromised. Sometimes unaligned wheels can be obvious – your car pulls to one side of the road or your steering wheel has a vibration in it from balancing issues. In some cases, it can be subtle and the driver won't even notice. That's why regular tire alignment checkups are a must-do

Oil Change and Lube
Keeping your engine lubricated with quality, clean oil is a must for longevity. The chassis needs lube also. We check and fill all of your fluids.

Fix a Flat
We can usually fix a flat while you wait.

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