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Automotive Performance

Just like a blank canvas, your vehicle was made to take on the modifications you want for a customized ride with your performance preferences in mind. Performance parts aren’t only what make your wheels turn - they’re your ticket to releasing the full power that’s been hiding under-the-hood. RC Tire is here to help with top-notch performance parts and accessories to get your vehicle firing like never before.


Air and Fuel Delivery

Cram the right air/fuel ratio into your engine and you create incredible horsepower. RC Tire and Lube has everything you need to find that mix, starting with carburetors for street to strip, plus intake manifolds ranging from stock-height replacements to hood-busting tunnel rams. If you’re ready to advance to fuel injection, we’ve got you covered with injectors, manifolds, fuel rails, sensors, and complete performance EFI conversion kits. We’ve also got cold air intakes, fuel pumps, fuel filters, superchargers, turbochargers, nitrous kits, methanol injection kits, hood scoops, and air filters—there’s no excuse for starving that horsepower-hungry beast now!



179 East Main Street,
Duchesne, UT 84021
Telephone:(435) 738-8473