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Automobile Lighting


How important are lights?

Aside from being able to see where you are going, other people need to see you. The cops and their license plate readers that are setuo all over Utah, want to see your license plate. If they can't. a UHP will be radio dispatched to pull you over. Most people don’t inspect the lamps in their vehicle because they are usually riding inside the car, and not thinking about the outside of the vehicle. At RC Tire and Lube in Duchesne, Utah, our service inspection includes testing of all lamps, including:

  • Turn signals
  • Brake lights
  • Reverse lights
  • Headlights and others.
It is important to SEE and BE SEEN on the road to avoid accidents and tickets. LED lights are more commonly used in vehicles today- they look cool, don’t they? However, many consumers do not realize that many of the LED’s are integrated into another part (like a side mirror) or that individual LED bulbs cannot be replaced, it is usually a whole unit. Therefore, replacement of LED lights is usually very costly and it is common to need to order those parts.

Even though annual safety inspections are no longer required by law in Utah, It is still a good idea to keep all of your lights in good working order to prevent you from being pulled over and fined over a hundred dollars in order to feed the appetite of the Utah Highway Patrol. It is a fact that $45.00 of every ticket issued by the Utah Highway Patrol goes to the Utah Highway Patrol Retirement Fund.


Car/Truck Lights

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