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Ball Joints


Where are my balls joints?

The last sound you want to hear while driving is a clicking, popping or snapping while you turn. If you hear these sounds or detect play in your ball joints, they are likely going bad. Similarly, if you feel play in your tie rods, it's time for a replacement. Faulty ball joints cause premature tire wear (costing you more money in the long-run) and a less precise brake system, while faulty tie rod ends cause poor steering alignment. Without these components running smoothly, your steering system will fail. Don't fret- AutoZone has everything you need when it comes to replacing your ball joints and tie rod ends. Whether you need a ball joint replacement for Corolla or a Honda Accord tie rod end, we have you covered.

AT RC Tire and Lube in Duchesne, Utah, we know all about ball joints. Our trained technicians can have your car or truck running on the straight and narrow pretty quick. Don't risk your life on bad ball joints. Make an appointment today to get them replaced.


How often should I replace my car's ball joints?

You may have heard the term ball joint before and mistaken it for a ball and socket joint — which connects one bone to another — instead of a critical component to your car’s suspension and steering.

Ball joints on vehicles operate in much the same way, though, highly rated mechanics say. They connect a vehicle’s tire and wheel to its suspension system.

If you’ve ever seen a car on the side of the road with a tire folded under the vehicle, you’ve seen a broken ball joint.

Bring in your vehicle and let our trained professionals at RC Tire and Lube have a look. We can do a free inspection in just a few minutes and put your mind at ease.


Ball Joint

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